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Weekly Review December 23

My Matador piece on America as the liability state – I feel very strongly about this issue. American liability is stifling fun, and by extension, a worthwhile life. Is that added legal security worth it?

Attractive CEOs are more successful – This article introduced me to the concepts of pulchrinomics and attributional ambiguity – the economic study of beauty, and the inability to attribute success to ability or something else. I don’t doubt it, but I didn’t know there was science behind it.

Buzzfeed Articles without the GIFS  – This. This. This. This. This. #realjournalism

White guy grafittis while in a suit, has to work to get himself arrested – calls into question our justice system’s effectiveness and impartiality. This guy sure has some guts to go through with the whole experiment and actually end up in jail, along with a parole officer. Speaking of racism…

Life Hacking become White Privilege –  I’m conflicted on this one. There’s no doubt that she’s entirely correct that James Altucher could not have wheedled his way past restrictions as easily if he were not white, but I shy away from her conclusion that most life hacking is simple white privilege. It’s certainly easier if you’re white, but thinking creatively about how to get around things, acting like you know what you’re doing, and not dwelling on the negative are things that help you get forward no matter who you are. Plus, you comments on Altucher’s other writings are  nothing but her lashing back out of rancor. It’s called a “conversational writing style”, Miss Dzuria.

Tynan’s New Gear Post – always full of the best minimalist gear out there

In unrelated news, “The To-Do List” was the best movie I’ve seen in months. Raunchy, clever, filled with hipster esque cinematography thats not overbearing, and a refreshing unapologetic look at female sexuality.