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Weekly Review Dec 8

My family’s book on group games is now available from Amazon! Just in time for the holiday season, and packed with hundreds of the best games to play with family, friends, or anyone. Keep an eye on for more content.

Elon Musk on TED about SpaceX and Tesla – This was in the list of 100 TED talks from last week, but I’m calling this one out in particular for the several well phrased highlights below:

  • “”Did you hear about the guy who made a small fortune from the space industry?” “He started with a large one”
  • “(I built rockets because) it’s one of the things that need to happen in order for the future to be exciting and inspiring” (how many other entrepreneurs talk like that? Is Instagram exciting and inspiring? Is it part of the future that Kevin Systrom wanted? Hard to say, but it obviously solves the needs of millions of young women)
  • “We don’t patent at SpaceX because our primary competitors are national governments, which makes enforceability questionable”
  • “To do new things, boil them down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there, like in physics, as opposed to reasoning by analogy.” Most things work by analogy because others have done them before you, but not with space travel. Gets me thinking about which other frontiers demand non-analogous thinking and when you should turn to that.

The best essays/posts about startups/entrepreneurship/venture capital available online. – Woo boy there’s a lot of stuff in there. I’m sure I’ll reintroduce a lot of this stuff later on. I’ve already read a lot of Paul Grahams stuff, which I recommend as highly as this guy does.

List of Reddit’s opinion of the best short stories – Chekhov remains the undisputed king. Asimov charts highly as well.

Pinterest pins are worth more than tweets, and 100 times more viral – No surprise to me. Twitter focuses too much on the breaking news spectrum, while Pinterest encourages exploration of static boards. For web, static is far better, in my mind, which is part of the reason this blog exists. Time goes pretty far back, despite what Twitter’s lack of archives would have you believe.

Introduction to Behavior Design – Stanford’s newest major’s first graduate breaks down what exactly behavior design is. This site has the same snazzy HTML dynamic scrolling feature as the intro to the new Mac Pro and Coin. It sure it fun to play around with, but I want to know how technically difficult it is to implement on the backend, and what kind of impression it makes on users. I could see Grandma getting confused.