Startup Ideas

Here’s some ideas for mini-startups (or even just Chrome Extensions) that I either lack the skills or the belief in their value to execute fully. Maybe you possess them, however? Would love to chat strategy on these if you’re interested – tweet me.


  • A service that prompts you to share content with certain people on social networks when certain keywords are shown. Speaking personally, I share the same stuff with certain friends over and over due to common interest or an inside joke, and while it may not sound friendly, it’s so simple a machine could do it. When (article mentions Disneyland) prompt to share with (friend who loves Disneyland) via (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail) all in one click. Kinda like If This Then That but for browsing
  • A service that recommends you new books/movies/media by scraping the web for favorite or Top Ten lists that include some of your existing favorites. For example, you input your Goodreads favorites list, and it looks for others’ favorites lists (both on the site and on others) and recommends you new books that appeared on someone else’s list next to your favorites. Kind of like Bookvibe, but minus the celebrities
  • Or, off of the same concept, a dating app or social network that connects you with others who share more than 50% of your favorites. Like OkCupid’s compatibility score, but based off of if you like the same music or authors (that data is already out there in Spotify and the like)

Simple Features

  • A Twitter app that lists all accounts that the people you follow follow, from most to least. You know when you find some person and 50 people you follow already follow them? I always feel left out when that happens – it’d be easy who is similar to who with this feature
  • A Twitter app that is an event calendar of all the events people in your feed are tweeting about. Everybody is self-promoting already – rip it into an actual calendar so I can see what’s happening when without browsing through a bazillion tweets.
  • A Soundbutt extension that ranks the people you follow starting with most recently followed, rather than alphabetically, PUH-LEASE!
  • A mobile app that downloads the entirety of podcasts or just the audio of Youtube videos while on Wifi, but doesn’t store it on your phone. You know when you start listening to a podcast on Wifi and it pre-loads the whole thing so that even if you’re on the road you can hear it without activating data? Yeah, like that, but beyond podcasts. Nobody wants to have all those megabytes sitting unused after one listen.