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Weekly Review #99: Secular Sunday service, virtual 9/11, and the mermaid economy

I attended the Transformative Technology Conference this weekend, full of quantified mindfulness and people-mimicking AI startups. Very interesting group of people! One company had a backpack that would shake your spine with the bass of music, and another had something you attached to your head and could apparently make your brain vibrate in a calm or excitatory way. My favorite was the guy trying to reverse engineer enlightenment using brain feedback – stick ‘enlightened’ people in an MRI, then play a game of hot and cold with the normals, to get them closer to the sample size. Clever!

I also attended Sunday’s Finest, a church service for the nonreligious. I love the idea, but there’s only so many gimmicks you can pull out of a normal service – gospel pop songs, spontaneous healings, and acrobatics are fun, but it becomes a cheap Cirque Du Soleil. Just like any event, its really all about community, and that’s hard to hack!


The 10 unscalable tactics Quibb used to build community – scarcity and feedback are king!

What Ben Franklin can teach you about Business Development – quite a lot, actually. Speaking of which, never negotiate piecemeal – do it all at once.


Dann Berg shares how he built and launched an app with little coding experience.


China’s second generation millionaires are despised by everyone, but lack meaning in their life. What’s left for them?

New VR game lets you experience 9/11 from inside of a Twin Tower. Eerie….

Thousands of Americans are full time mermaids. No joke. Hear from them.

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