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Weekly Review #98: Secret Uber Parties, Third World FB Growth, and Playa Sandwiches

TechCrunch Disrupt was this week, but my experience wasn’t nearly as impressive as its reputation would indicate. It sounds like it’s getting more noise and less signal every year, which is a problem every event has, but it’s too bad.

The only startups worth mentioning that I saw were UrbE (tiny electric bicycle that goes 20 mph), PIF (pay it forward model of introductions, trade intros for intros), and Snapshirt (make all over print shirts with a simple picture).


Two other events of note – I attended a free secret Uber party on Thursday with top DJ Arty, by swiping the call options over to the limited edition ‘Party’ option and going to a secret location. Clever partnership!

I also dropped by the infamous Folsom Street Fair, a completely NSFW leather fetish event in the middle of SF. It was a little overwhelming and I didn’t stay long, but I did see a guy paint a (admittedly talented) portrait of JFK using only his paint-dipped penis, no hands involved. Impressive?


Facebook’s growth strategy isn’t novel – it’s Dave McClure’s startup metrics for pirates repurposed, along with a few extra helping hands for developing countries. Nevertheless, it’s a good rundown of evergreen growth tactics

Comparison of SEO link building tools is a comprehensive look at the art.


HuffPo article on habits of entrepreneurs rings some bells to me, given mywork on the Habitual Hustler. Planning, reflection, blurring of work and play, and working for a higher purpose are all spot on.


Quiznos ad spoofing Burning Man in the style of the Maze Runner nails every single joke. Hilarious, and all for sandwiches. Meanwhile, Rinse and Repeat is “a male shower simulation game” that somehow isn’t entirely NSFW (spoiler – you rub his back and that’s it)

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