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Weekly Review #97: Defying ‘Zucky’, hacked Tinder love, and pop-up Grindr


Chinese startup Chummy got in trouble for having its Facebook employee users show unauthorized guests around the office. The CEO is unfazed, and has some defiant words for ‘Zucky’.

Nootrobox is a nootropics (cognitive enhancers) subscription service that makes biohacking easy for everyone!

Salesforce hired a cruise ship for their Dreamforce conference because San Francisco doesn’t have enough hotel rooms in the whole city….


My friend Simone has a series of one sentence summaries for many good minfulness books he has read on his travels.

This SF guy hacked Tinder to autolike LA girls, and then asked one on a two week trip to Israel. Somehow it worked and they fell in love…


I swung by the Come Out and Play Festival this weekend, which is all about creative real life interaction. Definitely up my alley! Many of the games seems like they were thought up in less than ten minutes, however, I was intrigued by the projector they had set up that allowed you to go to a certain website on your phone and use it as a controller for a 20 person Joust like game. Now that’s social local multiplayer – walk right up!

This guy had a surprising Grindr experiencer, and made a pop up book all about it. Definitely NSFW, but somehow endearing.