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Weekly Review #96: Arbitraging your family, Ghost DJs, and Trump saying China

I met a hustler friend this week who employs his collegiate cousins at market rate (10$ an hour) as his own personal assistants, doing whatever drudge sales/marketing work he doesn’t want to. They get paid more than minimum wage to do things that are actually interesting, while he gets onshore talent. Likewise, he has his dad doing all the accounting stuff he doesn’t care about. Why not arbitrage your family?


This guy watched every video in How To Start a Startup in one day  – here’s the notes.

Snips founder notes that good technology does not complicate our lives with push notifications and the like, but is invisible. Artificial intelligence is the best delivery of that – instead of pinging us at certain times, it can know what is the relevant action – and do it.

AnyoneInc lets you interview anyone in the world from your smartphone in a few taps. Interesting to see how this gets used for podcasting.


Gretchen Rubin sketches the ‘Arrival Fallacy’ – idea that you will be happy ‘as soon as x condition is fulfilled’. Instead, be happy where you are – there’s nowhere to arrive to.

Pasquale Rotella was a dirty LA kid throwing warehouse raves in the 90s – now he’s married to a Playmate and runs the biggest EDM concert promoter in the world. Here’s a look at his rise to power. Also, the Secret Life of an EDM Ghost Producer is an interesting read – many of the biggest DJs farm out their work.



3 minutes of Donald Trump saying nothing but China – you’re welcome.