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Weekly Review #95: Airbnb’s Source of Wisdom, Passion Journals, and Never Becoming


Notch, the guy who sold Minecraft to Microsoft for millions, tweeted about being sad and lonely, prompting web pundits to explain why. TLDR – his friends all still have jobs, so he has large stretches of time with nothing to do.

6 Tricks to double your Chipotle Burrito size for free is not only helpful, but an awesome content marketing piece by Apartment List. Everyone needs apartments, everyone needs burritos – even though they aren’t related.

Fortune article on Airbnb’s Brian Chesky had one big nugget for me: whenever possible, Brian ‘goes to the source’ for guidance, finding someone who’s done what he has to do before, and approaching them directly to learn. Way better than researching haphazardly on your own.

Email company founder guy argues that email is the last and ultimate social graph, since Facebook, Linkedin, and all the rest will lock developers out of their walled gardens. Viva email!


Here’s an argument that Western culture has ossified philosophy to be an academic discipline, which is why we all turn to pragmatic Eastern influences when we need spiritual help. Interesting.

I backed SELF journal on kickstarter – it’s like a gratitude journal but for entrepreneurs, with daily tracked steps towards success. There’s also one for life coach types – the Passion Planner.

Derek Sivers wants a service that ‘just tells him what to do’ by compressing books into actionables. I’m all for it. Kind of sounds like the  Mistake podcast – they ask CEOs what their biggest mistake was, and how they fixed it.


Duck Army is the latest video under ten seconds to go viral on Reddit, and it still doesn’t cease to make me lol. Don’t forget all the parodies!


And Maria Popova on the Tim Ferriss show is full of gold, but here’s one choice quote from the QnA:

Do you feel that you have become who you want to be?

We never stop becoming, we never stop growing. If we do, that’s how we know we’re dead. Life is a continual process of arrival into who we are. The Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert says “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” And I think that’s so true.

I don’t think I’ve become who I want to be and I have become who I want to be, in this moment, but not in an ultimate sense. And what’s stopping me from becoming who I want to be. Well, in a way, what I do is all about stopping myself from having the illusion of having arrived. Of having become a static and self satisfied final self. So, the thing stopping me then is the very thing that’s driving me forward and I think that’s true of all of us. If we’re serious about personal growth and this lifelong process of Becoming.”