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Weekly Review #94: Founder Net Worths, Blogs to eBooks, and #stoptheknot


Social Media is dead. The space is saturated, and most brands are not worth talking about. I’d say the only reason it’s still helpful is for direct customer outreach.

Noah Kagan relates why he was fired from Facebook early on, and what it feels like to be on the other side of firing at AppSumo. Enlightening read for any employee.

The Hustle ran an anonymous survey to figure out how much money startup founders really make. Most are millionaires on paper but not IRL. Interesting.

Dustin Moskovitz points out that what was good for Facebook was bad for him. Time invested past 40 hours does not yield good returns. Rest is as important as work!


Ari Meisel offers an incredibly detailed post on how to write and promote posts to literally millions of people

Andrew Chen shares how his blog got to where it is – make evergreen content you find interesting, and get influencers to share it. Done!

Zapier offers an actionable guide to turning your blog into an ebook – so helpful!

Clever business opportunity – people in Silicon Valley are paying extra to truck in reclaimed water for their lawns. Perfect example of a niche market with a niche need but ability to pay!




Crazy Australians run around cutting off the man-bun topknots of strangers. Turns out it was a PR stunt, but still, queasy to watch!