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Weekly Review #93: All-powerful Wechat, clever Instagram data, and Chatroulette zombie FPS

If you read one article this week, read A16Z’s rundown of Wechat as The One App To Rule Them All. As the sole American in my Chinese company, I can safely say that this app blows any Western counterpart out of the water, and here is exactly why.

Likewise, Jordan Kong explains why Wechat happened over there, not here – China has better wifi and phablets, Wechat offers better devtools.


Lots of startups: Gone App – take pictures of your old electronics, they take care of the selling and pay you. Startup Timelines allows you to explore the formative years of some of the biggest companies. Improve Presentation gives you Powerpoint templates to create stellar stuff fast. Wedgies lets you poll people online, in real time, and the Knock Knock App seeks to fill the hole Bump left behind – tap phones next to each other and share contact into.

FrontApp predicts that email will become more messaging-like, AI assisted, connected to more stuff, and multiplayer. I agree.

Austen Allred’s Hacker’s Guide to User Acquisition guide isn’t done, but the Instagram and PR chapters are done, and they’re high quality.


Always Sunny in San Francisco lets you explore the weather in SF neighborhoods using real time instagram photos. I wonder what other uses real time instagram data could be put to?

 An Entrepreneur interview with my father from September 2000 shows that not much has changed in Productivity in the past 15 years – meeting efficiency, process over product, and a fun culture remain important. Only change is that now you can attach things to emails :).

Bryan Franklin creates a dichotomy for entrepreneurs – create what I want, or what they want? Pt Barnum vs Henry Ford, or Larry Ellison vs Steve Jobs. His solution – become your customer, then create what you want.


Moby Dick was Translated into Emoji. You’re Welcome.

Star Wars + Daft Punk – Darth Punk. Cool!

Guy lets strangers control him through ChatRoulette, in an IRL FPS zombie shooter. Incredible!