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Weekly Review #91: ‘Great Men’ of tech, Coliving Movements, and father/son beyond the grave


Leo Widrich on How to Get Tech Coverage For Your Startup – be a write, know the writers, time it right, and nail the pitch. One of the best resources I have seen on this topic yet.

Argument that Elon Musk and Steve Jobs become who they are due to a confluence of economic factors, not their individual work alone. I’m not sure where I stand – it’s definitely more than one man’s work – but you need someone to be the tip of the spear and icon for the movement. This is basically the modern version of Caryle’s “Great Man” theory of history.

Jason Cohen outlines why most startup bizdev deals don’t work – it’s not about win-wins, it’s about finding a win for the other guy that helps you.

Jun Loayza ditched his VC-backed startup to do a lifestyle business, and here’s why. It’s a perspective not often seen in Silicon Valley, but then again, as of 2015 he’s at another startup, so I don’t think a true hustler could last without trying to go big.

Here’s a good rundown of The World Domination Summit I crashed a few weeks back – see, no need to watch the talks when people make summary posts like this!


Buzzfeed sure doesn’t like coliving spaces, but they did a great job detailing all the big ones in NYC, SF, and elsewhere in their piece on WeWork


Father dies and leaves letters for his son to open at key junctures of life. Sad, but innovative way to stay in touch.