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Weekly Review #90: Donut Selfies, Next Gen Summit, and atonal 80s power ballads

I attended the Next Gen Summit this week, the first conference by snake people for snake people. It was a bit rough around the edges, but there were plenty of smart talented people there, and that’s what matters. Some odds and ends:


Weft is a shipping analytics company that built a giant sized Battleship game for conference marketing – clever!

Liberal arts degrees are becoming more common in tech, as people skills are still important in sales and bizdev.

David Hassell is pretty badass – used to be a kitesurf school instructor in Brazil, host monthly whos-who dinner parties, all while balancing being the CEO of 15five.


I’m an ambitious person and so is Buffer’s Leo, but he asks “What if we don’t need to be remembered?” Good to keep in mind.

One of my favorite writers Venkatesh Rao of Ribbonfarm wrote a whole series about how software is eating the world. A must read for intellectuals, hands down!

Nicholas Carlson wrote a 93,000 word book in six weeks. Here’s how: hour long bursts, lazy mornings, no drinking, and more.


The Donut Selfie is when you start on one side of your head and swing it around in front in slomo, creating a 360 panorama with your face in the center. Super cool, but even better is that fact that a normal person invented it, then Beats came in and used it in their Christmas ad last year, celebrities and all.

Computer emits tones to the tune of 80s power ballads, which isn’t quite singing, but it hilarious

How do you put out raging oil fires? Strap MiG engines to a tank. Whoaaa

Voting Game– vote for which of your friends is ‘most likely to X’. High school pop polls all over again.