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Weekly Review #89: Burning Man on boats, Millionaire timeblocking, and plagiarized romance

I attended an event called Ephemerisle this weekend, which is basically a libertarian Burning Man on boats in the Stockton Delta. Which means you get a whole lot of seasteaders along with the normal Burner folk, and a few Stockton dirtbags who live on boats full time. Naked people, makeshift boats, and salty joke abounded. I rode a swing on a spinnaker sail, which is something I’d never even seen before, and was so fun it seemed like it should be illegal.


Marketing Stack is a curated directory of startup marketing tools – bookmarking that for sure! Likewise, Gigantic post on Knowing which SaaS metrics really matter and how to measure them is a bible.

My friend Vishal opines that Marketing Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word in Silicon Valley. The smartest young people go into consulting because marketing gets a bad rap. And when hiring marketers people have no idea what to ask for. I hadn’t thought of that!

TechCrunch analyzed all the Billion dollar companies so far and has some learnings to share – founders are older than you think, on average.

Joseph Walla has grown a company to 41 million in revenue, twice. Here’s ten tips he’s learning along the way (charge ASAP!)

Alex Moore says there’s nothing wrong with email, just how we’re using it. Stop spamming, use ccs correctly, and we’ll be fine.

Dear VCs – stop asking for future revenue projections. Sincerely, Dave Mcclure (and everyone else)


Forbes notes that few millionaires use todo lists, but many of them do time block their days. That’s something I’ve noticed with the Habitual Hustler interviewees as well….

Ben Casnocha has a thoughtful piece on the US, Germany, and Europe. 

  • Does a Facebook engineer who makes it easier to turn your profile picture into a gay flag (as happened after the Supreme Court ruling) possess more power in shaping social/political issues than a high ranking elected official who gives a speech on the same topic? The levers of power are changing.

Silicon Valley founder Ryan Allis has a gigantic 1000 page plus Slideshare on everything he’s learned. Agree with the general message, but he’s maybe a little too overzealous?

Chandler Bolt dropped out of college to make a school to help people self publish, and it’s on track to make 1 million. Biz insider is getting pretty good at this rags to riches stories, I’ll give it that.

Remember the scammy Kindle tactics from last week? The author tried it out himself, with an interracial romance book. Big response! So big that the romance writers came out of the woodwork to pillage him.


Cotopaxi festival looks interesting – it’s a mobile powered social scavenger hunt with proceeds going to charity. I bet there are more classic games out there waiting to be leveled up by smartphone integration.

The Great Discontent interviews creative people about failure, and it’s kicking ass. Why? Vulnerability is exciting.