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Weekly Review #88: Sketchy Kindle ebooks, better headlines, and the self as an illusion

I wrote a piece on e27 about why it’s so hard to disrupt email, check it out.


Crayon – lets you see what old website copy looked like, see how it has been optimized

Here’s 1000 words that elicit special responses when used in headlines – so use em all!

Hilarious startup webcomics are here – “I’m not unemployed, I’m pre revenue”


Confessions of the underground world of Kindle ebooks, part 1 – this guys makes bank plagiarizing public domain works using ghostwriters on Amazon self publishing, and here’s how. Similarly, This woman’s story about leaving her job to start a book editing marketplace is fascinating.

Gigantic post about what Ben Casnocha learned from 10k hours with Reid Hoffman offers plenty of insights that anyone can learn from.


Sam Harriss on why the self is an illusion gets trippy real fast. But is it actionable? How would I act differently if ‘I’ don’t exist?

Alan Watts on how to live with presence  offers advice we can all use, every day.

This Drone delivering drinks in a crowded restaurant is surprisingly stable.