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Weekly Review #87: Rethinking pitch decks, underground parks, and mobile eating the world


Silicon Valley Dictionary of Terms offer some new terms I haven’t heard before, along with classic like ‘fuck you money’.

US companies like Evernote are giving the Chinese government what it wants – user data. How do we feel about this? As long as its only Chinese user data, we can’t get mad – but it does go against Western morality.

Counseling service over text messages – Crisis Text Line. Whats next for text concierge startups?!

NorthView ventures thinks we need to rethink the startup pitch deck. Make it super short, and include a huge appendix that answers every conceivable FAQ. From my personal experience, this is very necessary – different investors care about different things.

A16Z on why Mobile eating the world is bigger than software eating the world. The difference – poor people now have access to software. This is big.

Speaking of a16z, their Benedict Evans has a thoughtful, worthy essay on Search, Discovery, and Marketing. Don’t TLDR this one – but if you must, advertising is becoming more and more relevant in an age when discovery desires can be predicted


Ramit Sethi on why AB testing is useless, how to get in the head of your customers, and how to provide unbeatable value. Great for any information entrepreneur.


Solar Technology allows NYC to build parks underground – certainly makes it easy to close the park off at night.

Ikea Furniture Assembly Simulator. Why anyone would want to spend more time inserting such pegs is beyond me.