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Weekly Review #86: Scary app retention stats, Religion for the NonReligious, and what it means to grow up


Google founder Larry Page asks if products are  ‘toothbrushes’ – “does it get used once or twice a day, and make your life better?”. If not, he won’t invest.

Morbid App Retention stats – pretty graph on the Information in pictures, and Quettra in words – average app loses 77% of its users within three days. Even the big tech giants all lose more than half.

 PicJoy Photo App has the best intro video ever- have a little kid ask gorgeous strangers if they can find the best photo they ever took within a minute. When they can’t, they realize they need the app!
Hunter Walk on paying 400$/month for a web content site (The Information)- he is willing to do it because then it means only longform quality content that doesn’t have to worry about ads or impressions. Somebody apply this model at a lower pricepoint?
Bumble is Tinder, but only girls can initiate conversations. No more stillborn matches, girls don’t get pestered, and dudes get to talk to girls. Winners all around.
Wait But Why’s big post on Religion for the NonReligious is more about Consciousness and Reality, but I can’t blame him for phrasing it as such. If you read one thing this week, make it this – a comprehensive breakdown of reality and human thinking.
Hubspot Conference talk on Becoming a Writing God is worthy – basically don’t ever stop writing, and you’ll get good.
Brainpickings notes that intuition is a real, science backed thing: once you know enough about a subject you can make good decisions without thinking about it.

 I had a good talk this week about adulthood and what it means to be grown up. Apparently top criteria endorses individualism, accepting responsibility for your own actions, ability to decides on beliefs outside of other influences, and ability to engage with parents as equals. Sounds about right. Where does knowing how to cook fit in, though?

I like this quote by Werner Erhard: “Even the truth, when believed, is a lie. You must experience the truth, not believe it”.