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Weekly Review #85: Female retweets, Raising billionaires, and Should vs Must


Men are retweeted more than women, because male hashtags express content, not emotion. Hm, I see evidence like this everywhere, hope it’s not confirmation bias to my hunch that men are more analytical, women more emotional. Both are important!

The Story behind the Productivity App Momentum is a helpful backstory about the journey to the top of the Chrome store.

Relying on a single marketing channel will doom you to failure – here’s a postmortem of a founder who relied on SEO

Early Slack internal memo on shaping markets, not just products, is a great read for any true innovator.

Pigeonly serves the US prison population through streamlining mail, sending photos, and the like. Founded by a former prisoner. What a great, underserved market!

Max and Mila is an app for swiping through potential baby names with a partner, towards agreement. Apparently there’s more than one app like this, too.


Sex life matters more than money towards happiness. Stats back it up – it’s about fulfilling relationships. Speaking of which, that myth about money not buying happiness past 75k/year isn’t true. It’s based on a study that measured happiness by how many times someone experienced positive emotions in the past 24 hours. When you measure happiness by the disparity between the life we want to live and the reality, things get more complicated.

Charles Tips on how to prepare kids to be billionares: is a great read:

“There is only one path to getting wealthy: exploit opportunity. The whole purpose of what I’ve stated above is to equip your children with the tools to spot and build on an opportunity to add value to the world. 

How will you know you’re on the right track? The vast majority of people you meet are inert. One in ten or twelve has scalar energy–they liven up the event. One in a thousand or so has vector energy–the ability to channel effort to a purpose and pull others in their wake. The only way a human being begins to become a vector force is to Find and Embrace His or Her Passion, and that can be a bit quirky. 

You should be getting glimpses of that talent to pursue purpose with passion all along, but it doesn’t mature until adult years. It is such a rare thing that schools are not at all equipped to teach it. Even the best MBA programs teach you how to go to work for that guy rather than be that guy. So, if you can pull it off, you will not only have enriched your children, you will have enriched the world.”

Sam Altman on turning 30 echoes Charles- the days are long but the decades are short. Cut out the negative, ruthlessly pursue the positive.

The rationale behind the SCOTUS dissenters in the landmark gay marriage case this week (yay!) is interesting: TLDR the Constitution says nothing about marriage. Letter of the law, yes, spirit of the law, no. It’s an old piece of paper! Write laws that fit the times!


VICE’s Tao of Terence Mckenna is a counterculture primer on the counterculture icon. I need to explore this guy’s work more.

Paul Krugman battles Austerians in what would be a boring economic article but was turned into an awesome Flash sidescrolling beat-em-up. More articles animated  like this please!

Elle Luna on The CrossRoads of Should and Must is a tech manifesto that I somehow missed from last year. Should is what everyone else tells you to do; must is what you really want to do, what your heart tells you to do. For Elle, she designed killer app likes Uber and Mailbox, but really wanted to be a painter, and now she is.

Raises big concerns in my mind – but good for her. Isn’t the output of a designer more valuable than art? I’d say she positively impacted way more people doing her Shoulds than her Musts, which is a better path towards fulfillment than doing what makes you feel good. Everyone has their own path, I guess.

Until the robots take over, though, it’s a privileged person indeed who can afford to take the Must path, both metaphorically and financially.