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Weekly Review #84: Hacking App Retention, 9 to 5 Alternatives, and Integral Philosophy


Growthverse is one big gorgeous ecosystem that relates all the marketing tools available today (mostly enterprise stuff though)

Helpshift has a solid series on improving your app retention numbers

Tell Google algorithm to find shapes in photos, then run it again and again until those shapes actually appear. Crazy!


Chairman Zhang built a 60 story skyscraper in 19 days, and that’s just the start. Vertical cities built out of lego concrete is next (!)

My buddy Nat has another great post for college students looking for alternatives to the 9 to 5.

MUSE headbandsenses your brainwaves and matches it with music. Not sure if I trust the tech, but sounds awesome.

Big Reddit AMA about starting the Wet Shave Club is a comprehensive look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Definitely check it out, along with this hilarious Hacker News post about the lengths people will go to imitate their favorite founders.


Slate review of Lev Grossman’s great The Magician’s Land  points out that the story is more about Julia than Quentin, although both are Lev. I asked the author himself at a recent book signing whether such personal modeling was intentional, and he said “I just tried to imagine awesome things, and by the end I realized they all fit into my life.”

I discovered this excellent philosopher named Ken Wilbur, who attempts to tie together all human knowledge (eastern, western, science, art, all of it) into one theme he calls Integral Philosophy. Mark Manson has a good intro to his stuff – I’m still exploring but am excited by how much this lines up with my subjective/objective writings.