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Weekly Review #83: Messaging for Moms, Overwork in Tech, and Personal Finance in Your 20s


Penroads connects you to travel partners in your intended destination, Favobook compiles book recommendations of famous people, Inkshares crowdfunds book ideas, and the Jott Messaging App is all the rage for tweens since it doesn’t use data and combines Snapchat ephemerality with Instagram’s ease over the functions of a messenger.

Kevin Xu noticed his mom wants to know all about him but he didn’t like messaging her, so he built an app to connect moms to their kids. 

Treehouse has 4 day workweeks yet is doing great, in a solid piece by the founder noting how often startups tend to overwork their employees. The story of this Yelper who quit the tech industry is a classic example – coders get paid so much to do routine tasks that they feel they have to earn their keep and end up burning out.

One Founder compares his experience in 500startups and Ycombinator – the former is about hustle, and the latter about customer/product development.

Pitchpigeon shares the tactics used to ensure a successful hacker news launch – it’s a tricky platform with it’s own esoteric rules, so read up.

The Skyscraper technique is a surefire way to increase web traffic – piggyback off existing resources like ’10 best sites for X’ and link to your own stuff.

Whitepaper Analyzing VC Influence at the earliest stages warns that it’s not just who you know, it’s who you approach first.

This Wired piece on everyone having the same plan for tech’s future is telling – Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all building the same features into their phones – what’s next, interoperate-ability?


Danielle Morrill shares what she wants to stop doing in 2015 is a transparent post about balancing tech with a life.

Personal Investing for 20 somethings is a stellar post by my buddy Nat on how to start saving early in your life. Couple it with Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich and you’ll be set for retirement!

Ryan Holiday Shares Strategies for writing books – my favorite one is the fact that ‘your life is material’ – anything you do in real life can find it’s way into your book, so take notes!


The Top 20 Highest Grossing Youtubers worldwide all play videogames and unwrap childrens toys. What the heck?

Emojitracker tracks all emojis used on twitter in real time in one glorious leaderboard.

Underground Drone racing in Australia is super fast, super illegitimate, and super fun.