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Weekly Review #81: Throw Your Phone Sky High, Slack CMO advice, and NYC under $30k


This app Send Me To Heaven ranks you on how high you can throw your phone in the air. Bad idea? Who cares, got the highscore!

App used handwritten letters for PR rather than email and achieved massive public interest.

Advice to build a business, not a startup is a cautionary tale not to get caught up in all the hype. Too true. Startups don’t make money; businesses do.

Andrew Chen piece on what technical cofounders look for is interesting – relationships don’t matter, location doesn’t matter, it’s all about traction.

Groove walks through how they improved their Net Promoter Score by 45% – how likely customers were to recommend the service to a friend.

Tucker Max on why Product Hunt is special – their audience is curious, valuable, and free. No serious launch strategy required!

My buddies at the Data Science Handbook did some serious number crunching comparing a fixed price to a pay what you want model – turns out you can get more from the pay what you want.

Interview with Slack’s CMO has good insights: “Your brand is not A/B testable. Your values and messaging are something you have to decide for yourself and feel good about.” Also, Slack has 5x more customer service representatives than salespeople. That’s how you get word of mouth marketing!


Post by the Beeminder founders on Nominology (How to Name Things) is super interesting – you have to factor in Evocativity, Brevity, Greppability (aka not common words), Googleability, Pronouncability, Spellability, and Verbability.

WaitButWhy piece on traveling to the Third World nails the 3 reasons anybody travels: The Place, The People, or You.

How Cal Newport structures his time is an eye opener – it’s all about ruthlessly putting hard stops into your schedule and then working hard to fill them.

Secrets of a Successful TED Talk – use your body language, smile, start strong, use your hands, and don’t use scripts.

How to Live in NYC on 30k a year is a misnomer -really it’s how she lived in Tokyo super cheaply. But offers good bootstrapping advice.


StartupExtreme is a conference in Norway that combines startups with extreme sports! So cool.

Killer Cars in Mad Max offers the stories behind all the crazy vehicles in Miller’s masterpiece.