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Weekly Review #80: Hacks for free press, the science of vulnerability, and Brazilian prostitute apps


Lots of ways to get press this week: The Letterman Formula entails striking up a rivalry with someone famous and getting them to acknowledge you. Traction List is 50 easy places to promote your startup, while Dmitry of Criminally Prolific breaks down the 6 steps to get free press for your startup in one of the best teardowns I’v ever read.

Reid Hoffman says the employee/employer relationship is based on a lie – that it’s for life. Both need to help to other move forward in life.

Andrew Chen walks us through what free ad supported Uber rides could look like – it’ll be a lot better than those taxi advertisements.

Lessons learned from sending 1,000 cold emails has some great takeaways – make it personal, and it’s all in the subject line. Meanwhile Lessons learned from analyzing 1,000 Linkedin articles is another good one – anybody can get big views there with a clickbaity title and catchy photo.

Big ole post on collecting customer feedback that’s actually useful preaches great facts that are easy to forget.


How to Generate More Good Ideas, is a real method backed by science – it’s all about connecting things, not creating new ones.

Andrew WK beautifully redefines what success is to a newspaper askee:

“To truly succeed at something is to devote yourself to what you love, and to allow that devotion to bring out the best and most admirable qualities inside of you, so that in the end, you ultimately succeed at the only effort that really matters: becoming a better person than you were.

Furthermore, success is not power over others, but discipline over oneself. Success is not doing whatever one wants, but doing what one is truly meant to do. Success is not fulfilling one’s most immediate desires, but fulfilling one’s true purpose — and fulfilling it despite obstacles, inconvenience, or how much it differs from what one otherwise feels like doing.”

Taylor Pearson has a kickass daily routine – check it out here

Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel from Wait But Why is a startling reminder that the Now is not all there is.


Brene Brown on the science of vulnerability is one of the most watched TED talks, and for good reason. Some choice quotes:

  • “Religion and politics have gone from beliefs to certainties. I’m right, you’re wrong. Shut up. No discourse, just blame.”
  • “When we numb bad emotions, we numb the good ones too.”
  • “Shame is fear of disconnection; is there something about me that if known, will make me unworthy of connection?”
  • “Stories are just data with a soul”


Eliot Rosenberg made an app to teach English to Brazilian prostitutes, not without difficulty. What a badass.

Guide to The Secret SF Public Parks is a nifty way to find a nice place to have lunch in downtown SF. is hilarious and a good way to make fun of your consultant friends.

Pictures from the construction of the Golden Gate bridge are gorgeous and awesome.

And some more quotes to leave you with:

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. Not a thing to be waited for; but a thing to be achieved.” —William Jennings Bryan

“The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” —Dorothy Parker