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Weekly Review #79: CEO gaffs on Quora, Modern Commandments, and not having kids


Intro Bars let you personalize website messages super easily.

Add 205 subscribers to your email list from scratch in 48 hours is a good experiment – somehow he did it!

Facebook wants you to use Messenger for everything you currently use email for. Somehow I trust Google more….

How Apple chooses featured apps in the App Store is a handy read for anyone trying to do so.

Fortune tells us all why big tech companies acquire rather than compete – it’s hard to replicate a great team, scalable codebase, great product, and big userbase all at once.

Quora user asks whether he should join Zenefits or Uber. Zenefits CEO answers and says, ‘not Zenefits, job offer rescinded’. Bad move.


Quora question on productivity tips from various professions is full of daily habit jewels – check out Asana cofounder Justin Rosenstein’s meticulously lifelogged days!

How Leo Babauta from Zen Habits conducts his business reminds us of the obvious – place readers first! Always! Likewise, his identification of solitude as The No1 Habit of Highly Creative People is also helpful.

Atheist Mind Humanist Heart is rewriting the 10 commandments for the 21st Century – preach!

Brain Pickings on writers’ choosing not to have children is a provoking deconstruction of a decision many people don’t decide so much as accept – why have kids?

This Essay on White Privilege and Guilt got me thinking – there’s also the ‘poverty mindset’ which sometimes you can’t break out of.

A friend of mine converted to vegetarianism recently and broke down why in a great post that shoots down many excuses. I feel guilty now.

James Altucher expounds on the ‘eat what you kill’ life maxim – don’t depend on others for sustenance, work, knowledge, or luck. Shape yourself into a killing machine and go find them yourself.


It’s not quite ‘fun’, but North Korea just executed its Defense Minister…. using antiaircraft guns. Jeez, a firing squad isn’t enough?

Mad Max: Fury Road is the best movie I’ve seen in ages. 3/4 of the entire movie is a road chase! Somehow it manages to be feminist! I laughed out loud a dozen times at the sheer insanity of what was happening! Go see it.