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Weekly Review #73: M-commerce, top growth stacks, and the art of eye contact


This startup will put your face in an 18th century style oil painting for $200.

The Great Discontent is a 100 days of creation challenge that sounds like a great way to force yourself to build.

This introduction to SaaS metrics is a handy way to navigate around CAC, LTV, and all those other pesky terms, while this huge list of growth hacking tools is a good list to check when you next want to find some customers. Or you can look at what the best growth teams use, in Greylock’s compilation of the top growth team tools.

This rundown of how Asian messaging apps make money is an interesting look into how LINE and Wechat monetize – they let you message for free and collect service fees for anything else you do within the app, and then let you buy anything ranging from cabs to cabinets. Clever.


This Lifehacker post on how to be a jack of all trades is a nice blueprint for how to nourish hobbies, and Michael Balcan’s post on the art of eye contact helps break down the science behind something we all do every day without thinking.


The long but incredibly rewarding story of how Matt lost his iPhone, made friends with the guy who bought it secondhand in Shenzhen, and finally ended up being a celebrity in China is a truly heartwarming tale. Treat yourself.