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Weekly Review #72: Abusing social media, emotional headlines, and leaving the shower on


Cool startups: Sell Hack finds email addresses using social profiles, Muck Rack finds relevant journalists for you, Mailtrack puts the Whatsapp ‘double checkmark’ in your Gmail, and Awayfind sends an SMS only when you get important email (which you identify beforehand). And there’s this tool, which analyzes the emotional value of your headline.

Two promising new YC companies from the current batch: SmartHires recycles talent within the same investment portfolio towards new startups, while Pomello administers tests to determine if a new hire will really fit into the company culture.

Dennis Yi abuses social media by microtargeting employees at specific companies in order to complain about customer service, which you can bet gets a response real quick. Hilarious and a handy hack for your personal purposes.

Sam Parr preaches on creating viral content from the bottom up in a huge, valuable post for all.

Ina Herhily on all the wisdom she absorbed from famous tech trailblazers at Tradecraft – over 70 names you may recognize.


Handy post on How much water it takes to make your favorite foods (and some less wasteful alternatives), and relatedly, some ways to save water while still leaving the shower on (eat chicken, not steak!).