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Weekly Review #71: Paywalling your inbox, how Apple monopolized Android, and Black Hole focus

Heavy on Tech this week:

Some startupsHipcamp is Airbnb for camping, Zirtual supplies cheap-ish US college grad virtual assistants, does exactly what you’d think it does, and will charge anybody who cold-emails you actual money and only lets it into your inbox if they pony up.

Venture Hacks has a handy guide for negotiating with startup investors, this crowdsourced growth hacking cookbook is full of goodies, and the story of how Tim Cook beat Android by establishing monopolies on phone supplies is an interesting read in biz strategy.

You should know that most iPhone apps mine your contacts list without asking, which is super lame and worrying.

The Shelf identifies the proper online influencers for your brand to partner with, which is a good tool to map a domain space with.


The Zami stool encourages ‘active sitting’ – instead of those pesky yoga balls that force you to balance, it’s designed so that you move around it rather than vice versa.

I just finished Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create A Purpose For Their Lives by Isaiah Hankel and it’s my new favorite work of nonfiction, as well as the most inspiring and actionable book I’ve ever read. Hankel distills the best self-development learnings,and tactics from dozens of sources into one lean recipe for a successful life explicitly defined by you, not by anyone else. All without that self-help woo woo stuff. Go read it, go read it, for serious! Expect a blog post summary soon.