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Weekly Review #70: Fasting on water, fragmented apps, and travel startups


8 tips for higher ranking in the App Store is a handy reference.

Message Apps are fragmenting into many apps centered around a single feature each – just look at Facebook and Messenger. Interesting to see where this leads.

Some cool travel startupsRemote Year brings together remote workers, StartupTravels helps you find entrepreneurs on the road, and Workaway combines NOLS with TED.

SparkPages is an all-in-one automated on-boarding service combining email, push, and SMS.


Nate Liason consumed nothing but water for 5 days, and logged the experience. Makes me want to try.

Ryan Holiday got married, and the story of how is as good of a piece as he’s ever written.

ActionAlly is a tool to help you get the important stuff done – kind of like an anti-todo list.


China built a 57 story skyscraper in 19 days, which is utterly insane.

Slam Ball is a ridiculous full contact basketball variant played on trampolines.


  • Definitely try the water fast! It was a really positive experience, I’ll probably try 7 or 12 days next.

    Also it’s Nat ; )