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Weekly Review #66: Android Differences and LINE domination

I have very little to share this week, since I’ve been doing my exploring on foot in Hong Kong rather than hunched over a computer. That said, I’ve been using a Nexus 5 Android phone this week since it’s the only one that fits my Asian SIM card, which leads to plenty of insights from the iPhone-bred me. Here’s some things I’ve noticed:


  • Screen has some give to it, which makes swipes feel smoother
  • Back button is always accessible no matter what app you are in, allowing easy backtracking
  • Battery Settings page forecasts the time your battery will run out, allows you to turn on Battery Saver mode as this approaches
  • Everything is tied into your Gmail account, so it will tell you the ETA to previous map searches automatically


  • The only analog button is on the side, rather than the iPhone’s center home button, which makes it hard to whip it out of your pocket and turn it on in one motion
  • Notifications can only be dismissed one on one, rather than all at once through unlock
  • Photo grid view is not accessible from within the camera – must go to separate photo app
  • Everything tied to Google can be restricting at times

In other news, Japanese messenger app LINE (competitor to Wechat and Whatsapp) made over $30 million dollars from selling emoticons alone last year(!) Thats just from selling little animated gizmos on their free platform. Insane! Plus Taylor Swift has fewer followers on her LINE profile than on Twitter, yet with an order of magnitude more Likes on the same content. The future is on mobile, and whoever controls how they communicate has all the power…