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Weekly Review #65: Healthy emoticons, the future of cloud software, and Burned-Out PR

If you read one piece this week, make it this Wired piece about how software is reorganizing the world. The author points out that more and more interaction is dictated by which part of the Internet cloud you decide to engage which, rather than who you live near in meatspace. He says that these ‘cloud formations’ are becoming more and more physical – and even when they cannot translate, the interface to them can be (just look at Uber with cars). The future of technology is not location-based, it is about making location completely unimportant. That is, until the libertarians get their floating city up and running (which, un-coincidentally, another example of a cloud formation made real). Man, I love the future.

The Mode blog has a good piece about finding that magic engagement spot when your users start to stick around. It’s not what it seems…

How Vungle broke into Silicon Valley is a great tale about hustling – Jack Smith paid for Facebook ads targets at friends of the investor he wanted to talk to, and thus got his introduction straight after arriving from London. Speaking of hustling, Sam Parr’s guide to cold outreach walks you through exactly how to talk to anybody, no matter how famous. Super comprehensive.

This 32 year old Slate writer getting confused with Snapchat is hilarious – it’s true that their UI isn’t too intuitive, but it’s easy for my millennial mind to figure it out. Not so much for the older folks…

SpartanTraveler’s Morning Script is a good rundown of healthy morning practices to set the day off right.

Buffer finds that science says emoticons are good for your writing no matter the context. Your mind reads emoticons as human faces, and gets just as excited about them. Yikes.

Justin Jackson reminds us not to Follow Your Heroes – they succeeded in different circumstances than you did.

Lastly, I cannot recommend enough the Burned Out Blogger’s Guide to PR by Jason Kincaid. The former Techcrunch writer walks through exactly how to deal with reporters from a tech perspective, and literally hands you the keys to how they think. If you ever have to touch PR, read this and Ryan Holiday’s Trust Me I’m Lying and you are set.