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Weekly Review #64: How to rig the App Store, ‘Binders of Women’ in tech, and naked startups

I just moved into a BuildCampus community in the Mission district of San Francisco. Finally living that SF techie life! I look forward to sharing all the assorted observations and insights the city life brings – so far it’s dank Mexican food, omnipresent homeless people, and easier access to nightly meet-ups.

Startups this week include (an easier Eventbrite with gorgeous landing pages) Nudifier (makes your friends look naked through strategic pixilation), Validately (tests new features on your users before actually building them) and Foundernotes, a ranked repository of all those Founder Blog posts out there.

Tech Rescue wise, there’s this Venturebeat article on how to rig the app store – turns out there’s all these sketchy firms in developing countries that can push your app to the top of the charts…for the right price. How does Apple not crack down on that?

Then there’s 500Startups spitting wisdom on Mobile App Distribution and talking to investors about Growth, and a stellar First round writeup (as always) on Slack’s rise to a 1 billion valuation. Brian Balfour (Coelevate) preaching on how to become a T-shaped Customer Acquisition expert is also worth a read.

Tarah Van Flack’s prescription for bringing women into tech is on point, and ever so incisively written. Stop shaming people admitting there’s a problem and work to fix it instead!

In Fun, Taylor Pearson’s reasons and methodology for writing a book is a good resource for any aspiring writer, and Nerd Fitness offers an introductory guide to travel hacking