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Weekly Review #63: Creative Manifestos, Hyrulean real estate, and SF street poop

I like 91-year-old Shimon Peres’ take on staying young: “Count the achievements in your life. Count the dreams in your brain. If the latter exceeds the former then you are young.”

Some creative manifestos: Bob Dylan told John Lennon in 1964 to stop writing shitty songs, which prompted him to start writing songs about things he cared about instead of what he thought would get to the top of the pops. A poignant reminder for any creative. And 99U reminds us that you can can have an easy life or an awesome one. They aren’t inclusive. Which will you choose?

Some nifty products: will tell you which sites are linking to yours, Inspectlet gives you an over-the-shoulder view of users interacting with your website, and Make a Gif lets anybody create .gifs easily. I’ve started using Wechat to communicate with my Chinese coworkers, and it’s hilarious – like Whatsapp with humor. For example, when you type ‘birthday’, the screen rains birthday cake emoticons. That’s just the beginning!

Startup-wise, Celebrate is an interesting concept – instead of robotically posting ‘Happy Birthday’ on friends’ Facebook walls, this app aggregates all the cool media relevant to the person throughout the year and then delivers them all at once. A touching gift, but then you miss out on the good stuff as it happens! And Horizon searches your personal network to find Airbnb or Couchsurfing hosts who are connected to you. I could see this going a step further – in dating, househunting, or job searching. Surely I could browse Linkedin companies by proximity of connection?!

In tech, Movoto’s journey to 20 million pageviews a month was an enlightening read – they looked at what kinds of online niches did a lot of linking, and then created content targeted at those niches. For example, nobody reads real estate blogs, but everyone links to video game blogs – so they wrote a piece on what fictional video game castles would be worth in real life. Bam – everyone links to it, fans get content, and Movoto gets pageviews.

This comprehensive post on how corporations are looking to startups for innovation reminds me that what’s hot in Silicon Valley takes a while to trickle outward. Cool to see how agile practices translate to big teams, though.

Here’s a reality check for you: app revenues surpassed those of Hollywood in 2014. Whoa. Those Clash of Clans coins add up.

In fun, Killer Queen Arcade is a 10 player boutique arcade game with multiple paths to victory. Nice to see arcade games are still being made. The #SelfieGame is a clever take on a modern trend – you take selfies and then players try to guess which emotion you’re conveying.

The Bold Italic bravely explains why there’s so much human feces on the streets of San Francisco, and wades into the ensuing debate about how to deal with homelessness. Man, this is such a complex problem. Amazing that it hasn’t been dealt with yet.