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Weekly Review #61: Making your bed like a SEAL, user growth truisms, and Airbnb for the homeless

How To Get What You Want is a short book by perpetual hustler Jason Shen, with several great quotes and strategies on time management and goal setting. How To Take Offense reminds us that all goodness happens outside of our comfort zone, and if you are offended, you’ve just been reminded where your comfort zone ends.

The Final Version Time Management system is nifty – basically make a list and then go to each bullet asking yourself what else on that list you want to do before that bullet.

Admiral McRaven’s commencement speech at UT Austin has some great Navy SEAL life lessons: make your bed! And Tynan’s Guide to Amazon Self Publishing has some good lessons from a guy who’s written his share of sleeper hits.

How iPhone user find new apps is informative – this marketing space is unique in that it’s still mostly word of mouth. Guide on the Most Important Pages on your website is a handy reminder – Home, About, Blog, and Contact.

Groove breaks down exactly what their blog does for their business in a salient example of the power of content marketing, and their story of How they got to 2000 customers offers up good ideas for things that don’t scale. Justin’s rundown of How user growth really works is also solid – catch a wave, nail a partnership, or integrate with a big pond.

One Teenagers View on Social Media reminds me how fragmented modern social media is. Facebook is dead outside of messages and events. The kids are all on Snapchat an Yik Yak. I think Instagram can be disrupted, but I don’t know exactly how…

Airbnb for the Homeless is an interesting idea – using the same focus on data. companies like Homelink and Housing First are triaging homeless cases for maximum impact and minimum cost.


  • Ryan

    Hi Corey,

    Can I just add my appreciation for your piece on straight men visiting gay establishments at least once in their lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and, rather abashedly, related to one too many of your observations! I’m a straight man myself, and appreciated your take on the entire scenario, dare I say that I shall perhaps change as a result of your article!! Well, leopards and spots and all that! Keep up the great work.

    Best regards,