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Weekly Review #60: Local politics, Black Rock Rangers for the rest of us, and a kindly brontosaurus

I spoke with a local city councilman recently about the trials of being a politician – people join because they want to affect change, but then all your acquaintances ostracize you if you don’t share their opinion on some tiny niche issue. Plus everyone draws their own uneducated opinions about the issues, such that you have to explain yourself over and over. Sound terrible, but also like something in which a public blog where you laid out your rationale for every vote could be helpful.

I met the founder of a cool startup called Concrn, which aims to create a network of local concerned individuals to turn to instead of cops on the more mental health-related issues. Kind of like Burning Man’s Rangers for the rest of the world. Crazy fact: Policemen get 130 hours of firearm training and 2 hours of mental health training, despite the majority of their calls being related to the latter.

Life Optimization: Brain Pickings offer insight into the elusive Perfect Daily Routine, while Quora has an equally worthy take on Time Management (it’s not about time, it’s about energy). Tucker Max on the 3 types of cops was an entertaining, illuminating read as well: there’s high school Napoleons, blue collar pros, and legacy kids.

The Kindly Brontosaurus strategy sounds winning – instead of arguing or getting angry, patiently reiterate your position until they finally cave in.

Tech Resources: Justin Mares talks about how to Triple Content Output through repurposing,  Nate Desmond’s Content Marketing Beginners Guide offers a solid start to the discipline, and the Agile Marketing Manifesto lays out marketing as a bootstrapped iterative process. Marc Benioff’s marketing stunts are great as well – he’s hired taxi drivers to pitch executives driving to the airport, and threw his own keynote speech in the hotel next to a conference when Oracle kicked him out.

Bono’a A to Z of 2014 had some cool insights into the mind of a global superstar – his description of capitalism not as immoral, but amoral, stuck out to me. Outlier Shorts are so streamlined that you can swim in them, and the Dolfi device is a tiny gadget that vibrate in water to wash your clothes on the go. Cool!