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Weekly Review #59: Flying a small airplane, dissecting viral Linkedin posts, and effective email procedures

I had the good fortune to go flying in a small airplane recently. A new friend my age was brought up flying planes, but notes that most of his fellow pilots are his dad’s age, due to the distraction of the Internet and high pilot license fees. So he kindly lets mavericks like me practice taking the wheel in order to encourage more young pilots.

The planes we flew were 100% analogue, which is a rarity in my modern digital life. Throaty engines with pushcock throttles, rickety metal cockpits with doors you can open midflight, and dozens of flashing gauges on the dashboard all make for an experience completely alien from my days spent staring at a Macbook. Makes me jealous of my grandfather’s generation, with regular days spent running acrobatics in these, but then again, the Internet is rather handy…

My pilot friend even took us in a parabolic arc to simulate zero gravity, along with several daring maneuvers right before landing that had the animal part of my brain terrified. There’s no rules up there! Some slight coordinations upon take off, and then you’re above a metropolitan city with nothing to keep you a law abiding citizen except the chance of someone reporting the tiny number painted on your fuselage. What a rush!

Honestly, stepping out of the plane after crazy maneuvers was one of the biggest highs in my life – everything is so hands-on and tangible and free. It’s not likely you’ll get a tour guide willing to let you take the wheel , but if you ever get the chance to fly a small plane, jump on it.

Not much online this week due to the holidays, but Okdork walks us through the most successful Linkedin posts, SendWithUs walks us through effective email newsletters, and Ghost is an open source blogging platform just as beautiful as Medium without all the cruft. is a fun little distraction that turns your keyboard into a musical studio, and Galcon 2 is a cheap iOS strategy game that strips the RTS genre down to its core, fun principles.