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Weekly Review #57: Narco submarines, exponential network growth, and headbutting over ping-pong

Tim Ferriss’s interview with cybercrime futurist Marc Goodman was full of good nuggets:

  • Genome sequencing technology is progressing at 5x the times of Moore’s Law (!)
  • the ‘thin blue line’ between order and chaos is the police – if the populace decides they aren’t in control anymore, there’s nothing the police can do to stop it
  • For a time, 20% of all drugs in the US were bought on the online marketplace The Silk Road
  • Bioengineering could introduce opiates into wheat, allowing for crazy stuff like cocaine bread that dogs can’t sniff
  • Mexican drug cartels have R&D robotics divisions dedicated to making autonomous submarines

Shane Snow on the James Altucher Show offers more:

  • Groupon used to hire comedy writers to write their deals emails – even if you weren’t interested in the deals you’d read for the jokes
  • The average age of a president is younger than that of a senator – Shane says because the former is more likely to find ways to hack the system and not have to put in as much time gaining experience
  • Introducing 2 helpful people to each other regularly can exponentially grow your networking reputation – if they click they have you to thank, at no additional cost to you!
  • Momentum is more important than speed when it comes to credibility – a 0-60 startup can be more alluring than a consistent 80 mph corporation
  • James comes up with 20 new ideas per day as a rule, no excuses. When you force yourself to do this you find ideas literally everywhere

Tech startups include BlueApron, which sends you all the groceries required to make healthy recipes, leaving everything but the cooking to you, Dapulse, which coordinates team management in a super simple way, Infogram, which make infographics simple, and Maillift, which will send handwritten thank you letters to your customers.

An article by Percolate offer tips for Automating Internal Workflows, helpful for those products within companies that make the flagship product work. And Nir Eyal explains Why Stupid Startups Make So Much Money – they introduce a new habit into our lives. Most businesses solve problems or create fun, but the new cadre of tech giants have created new fun for us such that not indulging in them cause pain.

Life Optimization: Cal Newport admits that It’s okay to be bad at email – not everyone needs to be reached all the time! And Noah Kagan shares his morning GEBY routine – Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, and You. It’ll keep you happy and energized.

Fun: We at Life is A Game offer up 25 Great Games for the Holidays in case you need gift ideas, Headist is a crazy German sport played headbutting a volleyball across a ping pong table, and How to Shit Around the World offers the travel advice we really need to know.