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Weekly Review #53: Bubble Soccer, Job Hacking, and Github for music

We rented from to finally experience firsthand what those viral videos of europeans knocking each other over have been showing us for years. Gameplay quickly devolves into you either prioritizing the ball, or foregoing it completely in favor of knocking the closest player onto his back. Rest assured, it’s as fun as it looks, but your neck and upper arms hurt for days afterward….
  • Time is a tool just like money, and you’ve already won the time lottery – you have as much as everyone else. How are you going to use it?
  • ‘Things in excess become their opposite’ – look at billionaires who can’t take a week off for vacation due to business needs
  • You don’t want to optimize everything for efficiency – how do you optimize hours on a beach? (I take issue here – you can’t optimize the time on the beach, but you can optimize your day/life to facilitate said hours
  • ‘War is God’s war of teaching Americans geography’
  • When you’re bored, ‘walk until your day becomes interesting’.

Ian Adams of the Senator Club got fired from his sales gig, and found a new one in 19 days. He’s shared exactly how, offering a fantastic model for any enterprising job seeker.

  • He used a digital assistant to find all the listings at companies that fit his criteria ‘SF startup with money raised’
  • He copied the listings into Wordsift to find the most desirable keywords, the updated his Linkedin to reflect them
  • Emailed everyone he know by exporting his Linkedin contacts
  • Role played phone interviews until he had them down cold, telling his personal story and converting into in person.
  • Landed gig at Yesware!

Some drone innovations – Skycatch lets you hire drones and their operators by the hour, rather like Uber, and DJI’s futuristic Inspire drone has legs that lift up for uninterrupted 360 degrees of video.

Splice is a clever idea – it’s a public repository of music tracks in the style of Github, doing to music production what the latter did for code. Open collaboration is a great idea – I could see some innovative remixes coming out of these tools.

Cameron Chardukian has a poorly formatted list of 32 personal development blogs, offering a good mix of established authors like Leo Babuta and lesser-known ones.

Custom Spaces is an SF based architecture firm with a beautiful website displaying the gorgeous offices of many tech giants like Github, Airbnb, and Eventbrite. Ogle away.

And for fun, put any words you’d like in the new Star Wars logo.