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Weekly Review #50: Prison Startups, Beautiful ‘Hire Me Please’ pages, and unflippable rafts

I spent some time at Powder Mountain, home to the Summit Series, this weekend. Pretty crazy to see how far this young team’s dream has come along – they paid for the first event out of pocket, and now they raised $40 million to buy an entire mountain. Now they’re developing the on site ski resort and curating invite only retreats for tastemakers and creatives. I love the vision, but from talking with the employees, Utah is pretty lacking in most innovative departments most of the time, which means I doubt they can create anything truly permanent. Great weekend retreat locale, though.

Unmistakable Creative’s interview with Frederick Hutson about founding a venture funded startup after 4 years in prison was inspiring on many levels. He touched on many of the same subjects vanilla entrepreneurs do, but he conveys them in a much cleaner, down to earth manner. Like:

  • Solve the problems you already enjoy working with
  • Don’t put any energy into things you cannot control (like race relations in prison, they’d apologize profusely if they accidentally bumped into someone else in line, because otherwise the entire ethnicity gets mad at you)
  • Situations aren’t good or bad – they’re just there. It’s up to you to figure out what to do with them.
  • Life is about balancing what you know with how you feel. You feel tired, angry, or loving, which can butt what you know is the best decision. But you need to acknowledge your emotions as well.

The New Yorker has a great piece on Drones and Everything After, examining how the little flyers have changed recreation and filming with dash of military use. Check out all the embedded footage for some real gems.

I’ve wanted something like Hemingwrite for years – a simple analog keyboard that syncs your writing to my butt but offers zero distraction and doesn’t require Wifi. Man if it isn’t the most hipster thing ever, though.

Tradecraft tells us how to ace a job interview: Research the company, Solve their problems, and Treat them like a human. Easy. is one example among many of beautiful hiring landing pages created by job seekers to woo their dream employer. Reminds me of Alice Lee’s old Instagram love letter.

Only one startup this week: Photojojo rents out the expensive fun camera creative stuff in short chunks so your next creative endeavor doesn’t have to destroy your wallet.

Resources: Unbounce walks us through how to make a truly viral ebook landing page using existing tools, and Buzzsumo lets you see which articles have the most shares and views around certain keywords.

Fun stuff : Creature Craft Rafts, which are shaped like dragon heads and thus are impossible to flip, and What Would I Say, which generates FB status for you after analyzing your existing text.