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Weekly Review #45: Phubbing, rational careers, and digital clones

GIFYoutube turns youtube videos into GIFs with a few clicks, and Forest grows digital trees for every 30 minutes you don’t use your phone. ASETNIOP is a keyboard layout with only 8 keys; you type by using button combinations. is a hilarious and well designed site aimed at keeping you off your phone during social situations (and has no mobile version!)

This guy pranked his roommate with eerily targeted facebook ads – clever and spooky.

Teleport compares the cost of living around the world – reminds me of NomadList.

Alexei at LessWrong wants to donate a ton of money to MIRI, so he set out to make as much money as possible programming. Here’s how he carried out his job hunt, in a super rational manner (duh).

Eric Wang at Tint preaches on how to get a startup job – basically, spam the founder until he says yes.

80,000 hours teaches you which careers will make the biggest difference in the world, based off of your talents.

The folks at Eternime want to make a digital clone of you that surfs how you surf, online shops like you shop, and chats like you chat. Think about how surprisingly feasible that is! Now you’ve just gotta find uses – like Alzheimers patients.

Oh, and I watched the Lego movie with my little brother – it was the most entertaining and spot on movie I’ve seen in ages, kids or no. Worth a view, if not just for the incredible special effects of everything in lego.