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Weekly Review #29: Flyboard, Internet Trends, and Exosphere fellows

I went Flyboarding this weekend – it’s basically a water powered hoverboard. It was about as fun as you would expect – you truly feel like Iron Man or the Green Goblin as you levitate above and through the ocean surface. It’s an interesting device – you bolt on a tube to the bottom of a Jet Ski and redirect the force of the craft’s engine into the tube in order to make it come out of your feet. Backflips, dolphin dives, you name it. Apparently the inventor has a new version that is more like a surfboard – stay tuned!

I finished Michael Ellsberg’s The Education of Millionaires this week – while he unearths some valuable takeaways, I found the overall tone to focus more on convincing you not to go to school than on teaching what to do instead. Honestly, Eddy Azar’s notes on it will give you 90% of the actionable insights within.

Mary Meeker unveiled 2014’s Internet Trends on Code Conference, backed by some serious data. Definitely worth flipping through – here’s what stuck out to me:

  • 25% of Total Global Web Usage comes from mobile devices
  • The average shared article reaches half of its total referrals in 6.5 hours on Twitter, versus within 9 hours on Facebook
  • The Internet Trifecta is Content (stuff to look at) plus Community (people to do it with) plus Commerce (ability to buy that stuff). Simple when you put it that way.
  • More photos are shared daily through WhatsApp than through Snapchat.
  • 60% of the top 25 tech companies were founded by 1st or 2nd generation Americans. (!)

Forbes interview with Francis Pedraza gives tips on how to network to mutual benefit. Share your network with the new people you meet, just make sure you’re making relevant introductions.

@SavedYouAClick and @HuffPoSpoilers give you the upfront answers to the disgustingly clickbaity headlines in the Huffington Post and elsewhere. Hilarious, clever, and actually useful – love it!

I talked with Bud Hennekes this week, who works at Exosphere – an entrepreneur/networking bootcamps based out of Chile. It was a perfect example of an actionable conversation – he told me several good insights on how to improve my blog (guest posts, emails subscribe list), and referred me to Carlos Miceli’s blog – which is a fantastic example of helpful personal branding along the lines of the people on my Heroes tab. Check em out!