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Weekly Review #28: Oregon visit, pseudoscience, and misogynistic school shooters

I visited my brother up in Oregon this week – the land of hipsters, liberal politics, and verdant greenery. In Portland I’d recommend Powell’s City of Books (huge warehouse bookstore with a a fun vibe), Ground Kontrol (large arcade bar), and Voodoo Donut (quirky donut shop that personifies the Pacific Northwest vibe). Near Eugene I’d espouse trips to nearby Florence (in order to go sandboarding on the dunes-they invented the sport!), the natural waterslide at Triangle Lake (fun local watering hole), and maybe a daytrip to Crater Lake National Park (although be aware half the park is closed due to snow all the way up until June). In other news, the University of Oregon’s football training complex is the most preposterous over the top ode to American sports I’ve ever seen. is an easy online tool that lets you make pair text with images in seconds

Two examples of intriguing but unverified science: I-doser claims to give you neural experiences akin to that of drugs through audio alone, and the Dunstan Baby Language claims to sort your newborn’s babbles into six distinct pleas for specific needs. These look pretty pseudosciency, but my cousin swears by Dunstan, so who knows.

PolicyMic article dissecting the recent UCSB shootings points out that school shooting are almost exclusively male shooters targeting women, with misogynistic writing in their journals. The author’s logic stands up to me – it’s no stretch imagining a frustrated adolescent male taking out his anger on the pretty girls he can’t have – but it’s a disturbing prospect to view school shootings as a feminist issue.

Mark Manson and Idahosa Ness line up the Four Engines that power rewarding lives: a flexible identity, respected peer group, embracing uncertainly, and maximizing human interaction. I agree 100%.

The CIA sent in spies disguised as polio vaccinators to Pakistan in order to unearth Bin Laden’s hiding spot. Now nobody there believes in vaccinations, and slaughter healthcare workers on sight. Bad move for global health, dastardly clever ruse to win the war on terror. Yikes.

Foreign Policy lines up the 5  integral components of International Relations: Anarchy is bad, balance of power determines everything, specializing in comparative advantage is essential, states misperceive each other all the time, and all this is just a product of human nature. Sure isn’t reassuring for human nature…