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Weekly Review #27: Founder blogs, startup services, and RECESS

Some startups aimed at helping small startups: LeadGenius outsources sales teams, InDinero does the accounting for you, LendGenius makes the startup work from the financial point of view, and RelateIQ manages your relationships for you.

Joseph Walla, founder of the superb HelloSign, blogs startup founder par excellence in a style reminiscent of Daniel Tenner. Exosphere founder Bud Hennekes does the same, albeit less startup related.

A husband wife team leads an Indiegogo effort to support repaving American roads with robust solar panels, which can provide more power that the US consumes. I’m unsure if the science is as effective as they claim, but it’s a great idea.

A fellow UCSD student died during our popular Sun God Festival on Friday, after the administration cracked down hard on safety, security, and rules for this year due to excessive hospitalizations last year. There’s too little known about the specific circumstances – if his death was preventable, if it was a result of the excessive rules surrounding his dorm building or would have happened regardless, whose fault it is. To me it is a (tragic) example of authority failing to correctly identify the solutions to a problem (student drinking) – whether or not it was Sun God related, doubtless they will use it as an excuse to cancel the festival next year. Shame.

RECESS is an entrepreneurial concert tour that recently came through San Diego – they marry  startup company exhibitions/networking with a local concert, adding glamor to business and vice versa. Most of the companies I saw were ‘AirBnb for X’ style like Spinlister with bicycles, but novel idea and great execution nonetheless!