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Weekly Review #26

Eberhardt Smith thinks you should stop warding off creeps by saying “I have a boyfriend”. That just reinforces gender roles. Instead, say ‘I’m not interested.” which more often is the truth. Although that would probably be less effective at making him go away.

WriteWords’ Word Frequency Counter tallies up the number of times you use specific words in your text, which helps editing.

Jezebel’s response to the Princeton Privileged guy is the best deconstruction of his ‘right idea, wrong execution’ letter I’ve seen. It still doesn’t answer how to divest of privilege though.

Posterini lets you make super snazzy posters super easily with its collection of templates.

Pixar has a lot of rules for stories, but here are 22 tweet sized insights that can help any storyteller.

The Joust Game is played with Playstation Move controllers, but no screen – only music. You have to ‘dance’ with your controller at the speed of the music while trying to interrupt (punch/kick/slap) your opponent into messing up his own dance. I love that it’s face to face interaction, that there’s no screens, but that it’s still technology powered interaction. I believe this is the future – social local games.