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Weekly Review #24

Grabbed lunch with a friend who works at Whatsapp the other day doing localization – he noted that a chunk of his job is figuring out how to fit “last seen online” into the tiny space allotted on the smartphone screen below your name. Oftentimes in other languages that simple phrase is a lot more characters, although it can be shortened, like in Spanish’s case of ‘ult. vez visto’ rather than ‘ultima vez visto’. Apparently he can’t find a way to shorten the Thai version of the phrase. Fun fact!

Brendan Baker has a list of the top 100 self improvement blogs of 2014, which introduced me to more than a few gurus I’ve never heard of before. It’s topped by the famous Four Hour Blog and Zenhabits, but there’s a lot of more niche entrepreneurs on there, as well as a few people completely alien to my world – namely:

Penelope Trunk, a controversial startupper who doubles as a prolific writer. Her crazy Blueprint for a Woman’s Life post gives you an idea of her ideology – it boils down to milking the patriarchy for all its worth through high marriage and plastic surgery. Many of her pieces don’t sit well with me, but there are bits that do – like her admonishments not to do as much homework. In a way, she’s a 45 year old female version of the largely young and male people on my Heroes tab, so at the very least, it’s interesting to see another perspective.

Speaking of other perspectives, ModelViewCulture is a feminist, diversity oriented Though Catalog-alike that focuses on tech and Silicon Valley. Not on my personal reading list – but its there and its making an impact. At least they introduced me to:, which lets you link to content without improving their page ranking. That’s a problem I didn’t realize existed – how to lead people to content you are mocking!

Scott Britton at LifeLongLearner outlines how he turned a series of emails into a book with minimal effort through a personal assistant, a ghostwriter, and a few freelance sites. and are handy resources in my personal quest for a third language. Maybe they’ll help you too!

Sean Ogle lays out ten business skills that allow you to live anywhere on earth, as well as tools to help you get them.

The brain recognizes race and gender in a person before anything else. We’re hard wired to judge – not like that’s an excuse.