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Weekly Review #22

In today’s edition of science proving what we’ve always suspected, teens who listen to pop music that name drops alcohol binge drink more than those who don’t. Should every song that was written in agreement with an alcohol warning come with a disclaimer, like movies do? (product placement is a lot more obvious in visual media). I’m not sure what to do with this info, but it’s a sobering (geddit?) statistic nonetheless.

American men have fewer meaningful friendships than anyone else. They don’t have many friends, and they spend time together mostly doing things rather than having a conversation. The term for this is a ‘shoulder to shoulder’ friendship, rather than a ‘face to face’ one. Even more scarily, when interviewing prepubescent boys, they spoke of their friendships with as much love and affection as girl do, but around 15 (when male suicide spikes to four times that of females), they start being ‘tough’ guys. No friends to confide in means that men are mentally unhealthy, since they don’t have anyone to empathize with other than girlfriends.

1949 guide on how to avoid work is equally relevant today

  • “Most [people] have the ridiculous notion that anything they do which produces an income is work — and that anything they do outside ‘working’ hours is play. There is no logic to that.”
  • “As I walk into offices, through factories and stores, I often find myself looking into the expressionless faces of people going through mechanical motions. They are people whose minds are stunned and slowly dying.”
  • “The greatest satisfaction you can obtain from life is your pleasure in producing, in your own individual way, something of value to your fellowmen.
  • “Any time you do not enjoy the human relations involved in any job, sooner or later that job’s bound to be work, not fun.”

Don’t have time? Yeah right.

  • “You do something all day long, don’t you? Everyone does. If you get up at seven o’clock and go to bed at eleven, you have put in sixteen good hours, and it is certain that you have been doing something all that time. The only difference is that you do a great many things and I do one. “

Commit to processes, not to goals.  Goals reduce current happiness, don’t facilitate effort afterwards, and lead you to believe you have control. Instead, focus on doing a tiny action that would lead to the possible goal every day. It could also be said: Have daily goals, not yearly ones.

Slomo – a successful neurologist drops out of his practice and spends his days rollerblading down the San Diego boardwalk. Sure, he’s happy, but is that what I want out of life? It’s a fun life story regardless.

My alma mater’s finest gift to the world – offensive inappropriate satire newspaper The Koala – is the focus of an NYT article on the freedom of press. You can draw your own conclusions, but speaking for UCSD alone, I think it’s possibly the most important entity on campus for continued student community health. Things like this NEED to exist in ‘free society’.

Large Forbes article on Tucker Max’s retirement paints an entirely different picture of the notorious man. Now in his thirties, he’s trying to reinvent himself, and recognizes that his insane behavior of youth stemmed from family problems. He’s trying to help the women who are attracted to him to do the same, as he realized that type of person has similar psychiatric problems.