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Weekly Review #20

The Economist says you should learn German if you want to improve your GDP, but not Spanish. The former is increases future earning far more, due to global supply and demand. That said, you shouldn’t learn a language just to earn more – it’s far better at helping you understand the world around you.

Gabriel Wyner’s Fluent Forever app is a novel approach to language learning – it shows you flashcards with pronunciation options and you have to select the correct one that corresponds to what you just heard

Canva is a ridiculous simply looking graphic design app for any occasion. (I need to remember this the next time I need a graphic.)

Following last week’s ‘cool vs impact’ tech debate in the Valley, here’s a New Republic article that goes into some of the finer points of fetishized young founders. One interesting side effect is that San Francisco’s cosmetic surgeons are seeing a huge increase in sales as middle aged workers try to look young like their company founders.

American youth sports culture is broken – stakes are too high, emphasis is on winning, and the ultimate skills learned lead nowhere. I hope this Changing the Game project goes places.

Without company values, all decisions go to profits. Start with values and the product will follow. To identify values:

  • “Think of some key events in your life or career that were significant or life changing, and the type of thing someone would write in a biography about your life (whether positive or negative).
  • For a positive event, consider what values were present that made it so satisfying for you.
  • For negative events consider what values were absent or threatened that made it so unsatisfying.
  • For each of these milestone events, look at the list of values you have identified and consider if there is anything even deeper than these. What values are essential to your perfect world?”

Thoughtbot has a cohesive starter resource on learning Rails

Noah Kagan gives you to secret sauce as to how he grew’s organic traffic by 200%

Nielsen’s Prizm market segmentation  fulfills a similar role as that of the more famous VALS survey, but have far more entertaining names. My favorite is ‘Shotguns and Pickups”

The New York Times notes that your ancestors determine your life earnings more than what you do, with an in depth study of surnames and socioeconomic status around the world.