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Weekly Review #19

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD. Yet another sobering reminder that most of America isn’t quite as tech savvy as the people I deal with face to face.

NYT article on bike safety gadgets yields some nifty tech: a bike lock that you unlock with your smartphone, a laser emitter that paints an impromptu bike line around you, and a bicycle horn as loud as that of a car. regales us with a neverending stream of upper class white people smiling ear to ear in front of morose natives. What other photo phenomenona aren’t noticeable on their own, but become absurd when curated together? I’d nominate instagram photos of salads or gym gear.

Tim Kenny, through Zach Obront, teaches us to connect with dream mentors. Basically: look for a mentor only a little bit older than you, be wary of appointed mentors, and repay them by taking action on their advice.

Charlie Hoehn interview with GiveGetWin says that playing with friends is what makes life worth living

  • You can be scared of the dark alone, but if there’s a friend there, you’ll laugh.

Ryan Holiday’s ‘Trading up the Chain’ method for getting national press encapsulated in a handy slideshare. Basically, you start with small blogs, then use that press to bait larger stories, and work your way up. Killer strategy. is UPenn graduate Ankit’s quest to meet new interesting people. I’m interested in this concept because I think that for him and me both, the only people who would be interested in meeting a stranger for tea would be people I would be interested in. It’s like Couchsurfing – I’m relatively sure that I’ll get along with Couchhosts because I’m the kind of guy who is okay with strangers on my couch. It makes sense that it’d go both ways.

IMF study shows that improving a country’s equality score leads to improved efficiency. Whoa, if this study is legitimate, this has big repercussions.

Sane pickup tactics from GuyGuides, who agrees that ‘pickup is dead’. Pickup artists may be smarmy, but they know their stuff. Here’s some tips for approaching women that don’t require delving into the poisonous community.

  • If you see someone you want to talk to, approach within 3 seconds.
  • Confidence matters more than what you say
  • Keep first dates fun – preferably not dinners

Charlie Hoehn’s massive guide for marketing a self published book. This post should be a bible for any new author. Charlie learned from the best (like Tim Ferriss) for years and just wrote his own book about playing in order to deal with anxiety. He knows his stuff.

There’s so much good advice and content in his marketing guide I’m not even going to bullet point it. Click and take notes!