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Weekly Review #14

7 Simple Startup Tools:

  • for professional simple websites
  • to design without Photoshop knowledge
  • for free CRM
  • for outsourcing without the pain and hassle
  • for A/B testing and marketing analytics
  • to track financials
  • for automation

Facebook changed its algorithms;  meme-ey content sites suffer. Hallelujah. I wish that algorithm could identify blatant clickbait articles (phrased as questions, etc) on its own and nuke it purposefully.

Some good data on how to market your book online – email, Linkedin, and Twitter have the best conversion rates. showcases tastefully topless amateur women on top of mountains. Not sure what the appeal is here for the women. I suspect it’s the same impetus that leads to r/gonewild, albeit less so. Somebody deconstruct this phenomenon already.

Startup Weekend presentation tips  are actually just good presentation tips, period. Keep it simple, tell a story, differentiate yourself and convince us it works better.

Andrew Waits has a thought-provoking photo essay of people who live in their vehicles. I notice a lot of them live at Slab City (Salvation Mountain) or in Arizona. Many are by choice, but others had unfortunate events compel them. recruits real people to read web content and summarize it so you don’t have to. First world problem, but a valid one.

Why the San Diego Startup Community is lacking:

  • No serendipitous interactions due to the car culture
  • Old white guys doing things traditionally
  • Stop charging entrance for events
  • EvoNexxus isn’t fulfilling its potential

Speaking personally, EvoNexxus lacks the welcoming, dynamic feel I’ve seen in SF hacker spaces. My father (an SV VC himself) claims investors view SD as too relaxed and beach-centric to truly have faith in investing here.