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Weekly Review #13

First, some fun facts: Say ‘rise up lights’, it’s the same as ‘razor blades’ in an Australian accent – ditto with “my bull fine” and “mobile phone”.

This was the week of Flappy Bird! The improbably top downloaded iOS app concerning a derpy bird that can’t fly. It’s insanely simple, insanely hard, and insanely addicting despite it all. Made by one man in Vietnam, he decided to pull it down for unknown reasons despite pulling in over $50,000 a day in ad revenue. The saga just doesn’t stop! is a fine addition to the likes of and

In Defense of Flogging is a good read by the author of the book by the same name with astounding statistics. (There are more American prisoners than all members of the American armed forces combined, and more prisoners than Stalin had in his gulags! The guy makes a public flogging sound like the lesser of two evils, and I gotta say that I personally would choose it over two years in jail, for sure.

Scott Hurff has an insightful piece on the Comfortable Thumb Zone of mobile devices that developers would do well to remember. All pixels are not created equal.

Some eye-popping, riveting stories on life in Brazilian favelas I unearthed while researching a paper. My favorite is the special bullet the police will sell to you that lets them assume responsibility for anybody you care to shoot with it. Makes me wonder how many incidents the impending horde of World Cup tourists will have to bear.

Daniel Tenner argues that readying ‘entrepreneur porn‘ on how to do startups is a waste of time. The only worthy thing to do is find a problem to attempt to conquer. Given how much of my reading diet and this blog boil down to entreporn, I feel sheepish, but he’s right that it doesn’t get much done. I’d say that as long as you are correctly classifying it as entertainment in your daily schedule, it can be had in healthy doses.

The Gish Gallop is a debating technique often used by creationists that consists of drowning the opponent in so many half truths that they cannot hope to respond to them all in time. What a great term! Now you can call people out with it.

This tongue in cheek French short film showcases a world where men are the ones oppressed, not women. The covered Muslim man really pounded the point in for me, although I wouldn’t mind topless women joggers.

The PopApp lets you upload pencil drawings and have them function like a working app! I’ve always wished something like this existed, and turns out it does! Great for sketching out that app idea you’ve had floating around in the back of your head.

Jeff Archibald makes me think I should be doing more legwork on my blog posts. Self promotion is always the hardest – but it has results, as he shows.