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Weekly Review #12

Ahmet Suluk is a talented front end developer with a gorgeous site. Great inspiration to be found there, plus check out his work like, which displays the front pages of Hacker News and Designer News simultaneously

Silicon Valley Needs to find Europe – because A) it’s full of talented developers, and B) it’s a huge already developed market

Old Spice’s brilliant new ad campaign  – place Facebook ads for ridiculous products like gold plated hands free headsets, then have the sites break down into Old Spice man lecturing you about your life choices. Genius! Some truly inspired product ideas out there – flavored soul patches?! – Daily sweet airfare deals. Some real cheap long hauls there!

Streamus is a Chrome extension that makes Youtube playlists into a veritable Spotify

Great tips on Growth Hacking from Mattan Griffel. A/B testing is the name of the game. Don’t forget about the funnel – Activation is more important than Acquisition.

StartupWeekend’s official list of resources is a clean repository of useful software tools

Entrepreneur chose as his domain after letting google ads do the choosing for him based on the best click throughs. Sounds exactly like what Tim Ferriss did to choose the name ‘4 hour workweek’. (speaking of which, here’s a good summary Drive doc of his posts on entrepreneurship)

Stream breakdown of the State of the Union address responses on twitter – sure shows you what’s important to the people lets you skype for 15 minutes with somebody from your prospective industry and ask questions is an almost poetic use of Google Maps

Scribe lets you copy and paste data between your iOS devices. The site has that smooth scrolling expository function that’s becoming so popular.

Grapestory rents out famous Vine people to brands so that they can do the advertising for them. Innovative use of a yet-to-monetize app.