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Weekly Review #11

Immersion  is a nifty widget that visualizes all your email connections as webs. It highlighted which people I talk to regularly and how they interact with each other, as well as bringing up some isolated clusters of lost contacts.

Planet Labs wants to make real time satellite view Google Maps a reality. Scary. Reminds me of the recent movie Elysium when the government uses satellites to track down fugitives – there’d be nowhere to hide!

Sfciti aims to use tech for good to fix some of San Francisco’s problems with easy high tech fixes. Sounds obvious to me – why not put real time tracking of nearby taxis/buses on bus stop displays.

After my Lunch Date Riddle post the other week, looks like the statistics are on my side: nobody knows what a date is anymore

Danish group cultivates a Human Library – you can select from their roster of misunderstood individuals like strippers, male nannys, muslims, and so forth to have a real conversation with and get to know them as a person. Sounds to me like those conversations would get boring and repetitive for that person. Great idea, though – let’s webcast the conversations so all can benefit!

The ‘Tim Ferriss Effect‘, previously known as the Oprah effect. All you need for publicity is for a guru in your area to share your product, then his 1000 dedicated fans will keep you afloat. Better to market deep than broad.

Bret Victor rants on interaction design – beautiful post advising against touchscreens and towards devices that use our entire body, or at least or hands beyond finger poking. Persuasive.