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Weekly Review #100: A Shift From Thoughts to Essays

We’ve reached Weekly Review #100! Woohoo! Thank you for sticking with me.

I timed the release of my book The Habitual Hustler to coincide with this monumental date because I feel this is the best time to alter the nature of this blog.

So far, this is been where I think aloud. The blog allowed me to share the things I’ve found and wondered that I think are valuable to others, and it has done that beautifully.  It’s me thinking out loud – not professional, not perfect, but it gets the idea across.

This was a great strategy in order to keep me on deadline and keep me writing. I’d recommend weekly posting to any new writer who wants to make a name for themselves – it keeps you honest.

However, now that I’m writer with a paid piece of content to my name, I’ve decided to shift this blog to better match the presences of those I admire on the Internet. That means two things:

Longer Essays, Less Often

The best blog posts are longform, both in terms of content, lifespan, and virality. Big well-researched posts like that cannot be churned out as a side job every week, and so from here on out you won’t see a post from me each and every week.

Instead, I will continue to write regularly, and post here when I do. But it won’t be on a fixed schedule – maybe every two weeks, maybe longer. Rest assured a restless mind like mine won’t be able to keep my thoughts to myself – now I will simply marinate on them a bit longer and share with more background.

I’ve also noticed that nobody follows blogs anymore – either they trust the writer enough to receive their emails or they don’t read, perhaps only an errant post that crosses their social media feeds every now and then. There’s only two audiences – your email list, and anyone they share to.

This model fits in with the less often posting – I’ll email them to you first! So make sure to sign up below if you want to continue reading my work – you won’t catch them here on the blog until later. Plus, you want to sign up because….

Weekly Reviews Only On Email

Weekly Reviews will continue as scheduled, but only on email. You won’t see them on this blog anymore. Instead, the weekly goodies will be distributed solely to the email list. That way, you’ll still get good stuff from me regularly, and you won’t forget who I am.

If you’re wondering where Weekly Review #100 is, well, now you know! Sign on up and it will come out as part of Review #101 at the end of this week, like normal.

TLDR: My writing is moving to your inbox.  The best stuff in tech, lifehacks, and fun exclusively for you every week, and longer, juicier posts every now and then, delivered to you before the general public.

See you in the inbox,

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